# 585
2016-06-01 Bitcoin Prices Break $500 Barrier to Hit 20-Month High

Bitcoin prices broke through $500 on 28th May, building on the previous day’s momentum to reach a level not seen since August of 2014.
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# 584
2016-06-01 Ernst & Young to Sell $12 Million in Bitcoin at Auction

Global professional services firm Ernst & Young has announced it will auction off 24,518 BTC (worth $12.9m) originally confiscated by a user of defunct online dark market Silk Road.
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# 583
2016-06-01 Smart Dubai Director Sees Blockchain as Key to Connected Cities

The head of the Dubai government’s Smart Dubai initiative provided new details on how she believes blockchain can help drive the city’s modernization efforts in a speech at industry conference Keynote 2016 yesterday.
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# 582
2016-06-01 Blockchain Investment Fund Seeks $100 Million from Major Banks

A new investment fund is seeking to raise as much as $100m over the next two years to fuel investments in the blockchain space. Founded by financial technology consultant Chris Skinner and Singapore-based venture capital firm Life.Sreda, the Banking on Blockchain Fund is hoping to raise $50m by year's end, with an additional $50m to be raised by the end of 2017.
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# 581
2016-05-27 Goldman Sachs: Blockchain Tech Could Save Capital Markets $6 Billion a Year

A new report from Goldman Sachs Investment Research projects that the implementation of blockchain technology could streamline the clearing and settlement of cash securities, saving capital markets $2bn in the US and $6bn globally on an annual basis.
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# 580
2016-05-27 Nasdaq Opens Blockchain Services to Global Exchange Partners

asdaq has opened up its blockchain services to more than 100 of its market operator clients around the world as part of its newly unveiled Nasdaq Financial Framework.
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# 579
2016-05-20 What Exactly Is the DAO Which Shook the World? Part 1: Benefits

DAO is a new concept which has grabbed imagination, raising a record-breaking $150 million. What can it do? What can’t it do? While the world is just learning about the blockchain and barely getting their heads around Bitcoin or Ethereum, a new concept has grabbed imagination, raising almost $150 million, and shattering all records: The DAO.
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# 578
2016-05-20 ‘Blockchain Revolution’ Comes to Wall Street at Nasdaq Event

The father and son authors of the new book "Blockchain Revolution" took to the stage this morning where Nasdaq opens and closes its market to discuss their latest work.
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# 577
2016-05-20 Nasdaq Explores How Blockchain Could Fuel Solar Energy Market

During a demonstration at Nasdaq's global headquarters today, the stock exchange operator unveiled a service that lets solar power generators sell certificates using its Linq blockchain service.
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# 576
2016-05-10 The Blockchain Revolution: 10 European Fintech Startups to Watch in 2016

NexusLab, Zurich-based business platform, has gathered 10 teams to develop new applications of blockchain technologies in different industries; half of startups are from Nordics.
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