# 603
2017-04-19 Y así sucedió el Apocalipsis financiero

La máxima de Trump 'América primero' se extendió como un reguero de pólvora y del proteccionismo se pasó al aislacionismo con el 'crash' definitivo del sistema de pagos mundial
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Fuente: El confidencial

# 602
2017-04-04 'Confidential Assets': Blockstream Reveals New Bitcoin Privacy Tech

Bitcoin startup Blockstream has unveiled new technology for shielding data on a blockchain. Expanding on an old technique used to hide transaction amounts, the company has developed a new scheme dubbed 'confidential assets' to conceal the types of assets in a transaction. Revealing just how the tech works, the startup has released a new paper today, co-authored by Blockstream developers Andrew Poelstra, Adam Back, Mark Friedenbach, Greg Maxwell and Pieter Wuille.
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Fuente: coin desk

# 601
2017-04-04 The Gold Rush Begins: The Day Bitcoin Topped the US Dollar

One of bitcoin's earliest angel investors, Roger Ver has backed a number of startups including BitPay, Purse and ShapeShift, and is the owner of resource portal Ver is noted as both an outspoken evangelist for the technology and one of the first 'bitcoin millionaires'. In the first entry in CoinDesk's "Bitcoin Milestones" series, Ver discusses his initial brush with the technology and recounts the watershed moment when a single bitcoin became more valuable than the US dollar.
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Fuente: coindesk

# 600
2016-10-17 Central Banks Consider Bitcoin’s Technology, if Not Bitcoin

The central bankers do not want their institutions to own or use Bitcoin itself. Instead, they hope they can use the decentralized method of record-keeping introduced by Bitcoin — known as the blockchain or distributed ledger — to complete and record transactions in the real economy more efficiently, quickly and transparently.
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Fuente: nytimes

# 599
2016-10-11 This Blockchain Startup Can Become Greater Than IBM, Oracle and Palantir Combined

Blockchain startup Factom has secured yet another multi-million Dollar funding round from prominent silicon valley investors to grow its talent pool and exploit the potential of the technology in various industries.
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Fuente: cointelegraph

# 598
2016-10-10 With Financial Restrictions Over, Bitcoin is to Unleash Full Potential in Argentina

It was October 2011, and amid a downward spiral of economic decline, then Argentinean President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced stringent restrictions to buy foreign currency and to send money overseas. For the next four years, the media widely reported how financial repression made some Argentineans to adopt the cryptocurrency as an escape route from government controls. Conventional wisdom held that Bitcoin was thriving due to the pervasive regulations in force.
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Fuente: cointelegraph

# 597
2016-10-10 How Bots Are Fueling High-Speed Bitcoin Trading

Investors have benefited from algorithmic ('algo') trading programs under many different circumstances, but these 'trading bots' can prove particularly valuable to those interested in cryptocurrencies.
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# 596
2016-10-06 IMF's Christine Lagarde Says Banks Will Adopt Digital Currencies in 5 Years Time

It was not more than three years ago that the establishment icons of the world like the Wall Street Journal and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were wholly ignoring Bitcoin and the world of digital currency. It is clear that these innovations and financial advancements like Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology cannot be ignored any more.
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Fuente: cointelegraph

# 595
2016-10-06 Federal Bank of Atlanta on Smart Contracts: They Will Change Legal Practices

The Federal Bank of Atlanta and executive director of its Centre for Financial Innovation and Stability Larry Wall released a paper on smart contracts and their potential to change traditional legal proceedings.
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Fuente: cointelegraph

# 594
2016-10-06 Dubai Wants All Government Documents on Blockchain By 2020

The Crown Prince of Dubai announced a strategic plan today that would see all government documents secured on a blockchain by 2020.
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Fuente: coindesk

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