[{"id":"609","date":"2017-07-05","source":"Radio Canada","resume":"Petro-money, the first cryptocurrency with real value","url":"http:\/\/ici.radio-canada.ca\/audio-video\/media-7717601\/la-petro-monnaie-premiere-cryptomonnaie-avec-une-vraie-valeur","noticia":"After the bitcoin, here is the bilur: a new virtual currency that was officially launched in Geneva with the ambition to compete with the bitcoin. Its peculiarity is that its value relies on energy prices. A bilur is equivalent to one tonne of oil, or $ 342 at the current rate. Click the link below in order to watch the video."},{"id":"608","date":"2017-04-27","source":"infoCoin","resume":"Bilur, the new way of investing family and corporate resources globally","url":"https:\/\/www.bilurmarket.com\/listPressReleases#26","noticia":"In current times, the great uncertainty around the performance of fiat money, in traditional financial systems, where Banks do not offer benefits, makes it an ordeal to try and shelter these assets. Hence the need for a tool to protect family and corporate wealth. When a money surplus is available, it is equally difficult for the rookie and for the experienced investor to find a good investment for that fiat money surplus. From this point of view, and thanks to new technologies, it is now possib"},{"id":"607","date":"2017-04-26","source":"El Confidencial","resume":"Why do investors always loose with oil ETFs?","url":"https:\/\/www.bilurmarket.com\/listPressReleases#23","noticia":"In last week\u2019s article \u2018And the financial apocalypse finally took place\u2019, we discussed fiat currency lack of real tangible support and the risks of the current economic situation. Energy, as a necessary component of all modern societies, and a measurable commodity with real value, is the opposite of fiat money, and should be the cornerstone of a new money system, such as the gold used to be. Although it is a well-known fact that gold has historically been the shelter of money\u2019s value, in a stri"},{"id":"606","date":"2017-04-22","source":"rFintech PLC","resume":"Rfintech pr\u00e9senter la premi\u00e8re crypto-monnaie du monde prot\u00e9g\u00e9e par une valeur \u00e9nerg\u00e9tique r\u00e9elle.","url":"https:\/\/www.bilurmarket.com\/listPressReleases#22","noticia":"C\u2019est Gen\u00e8ve que la soci\u00e9t\u00e9 R FinTech Plc, bas\u00e9e \u00e0 Londres, a choisie pour pr\u00e9senter la premi\u00e8re crypto-monnaie du monde prot\u00e9g\u00e9e par une valeur \u00e9nerg\u00e9tique r\u00e9elle."},{"id":"605","date":"2017-04-21","source":"coinTelegrah","resume":"USD 53 million worth of bilur issued after purchase of 1 million oil barrels","url":"https:\/\/www.bilurmarket.com\/listPressReleases#21","noticia":"154,297 bilurs were issued as a result of the initial oil purchase of 1 million barrels. Current market cap at USD 53 million. Bilur is the next generation cryptocurrency as it provides an innovative approach to value protection by backing up its value on stored physical energy. Which means that behind each bilur, there is a certain amount of energy commodities in storage to support it, thus reducing price volatility risk\u2026"}]