How to Sell Bitcoins?

From you RBEX account (WEB)

  • Using your RBEX account you can place a sell order to sell bitcoins with a few simple steps.
  • You can opt for a bank transfer or RBEXCode
  • Once the bitcoin network validates the transaction, RBEX will make a bank Transfer to your bank Account.
  • Or if you selected RBEXCode , you can withdraw cash at any RBEX vending machines
    simply scanning the code RBEXCode in the machine.

Using the RBEX Bitcoin Vending Machines

  • Login or create a new account in the RBEX Bitcoin Vending Machines.
  • Select the amount of Euros you want to receive for your bitcoins
  • You will receive a RBEXCode , that once validated in the bitcoin network, can be used in any RBEX Bitcoin Vending Machine
    to redeem the cash.